The Green Protein Accelerator

The Green Protein Accelerator

The Green Protein Accelerator receives a subsidy for the following activity (s):

  • Upgrading of a food-grade trial garden, situated at Bobeldijk Food Group and Ruitenberg Ingredients
  • Test usage for experimental development of innovative, vegetable protein-ingredients and products
  • Accelerated route-to-market of distinctive, sustainable or “green” protein propositions
  • Business case validation for entrepreneurs, active in the market for sustainable food
  • Enhance the range of tasteful products to make it easier for consumers to choose for a more vegetable diet
  • Reinforcement of the Dutch headquarters in the field of healthy, safe and sustainable food

The operational program (OP) EFRO East Netherlands is a joint subsidy program of the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland. It works on structural strengthening of the economy. East Netherlands allocates EFRO resources to stimulation of innovation and a low carbon economy. The goal is for more East Dutch SME companies to gain more revenue from new products.

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