Chlorella as a food supplement

Duplaco microalgae: Chlorella as a food supplement

Duplaco is a producer of the Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae. We cultivate these Chlorella microalgae in our own factory and we supply it as, among other things, a food supplement. Food supplements are an important addition to our diet. The fact is that our food contains fewer vitamins and minerals than in the past. Using Chlorella food supplements is an excellent idea because algae have a very high protein content, plus the required vitamins and minerals.

Chlorella as a food supplement

We can supply fresh, tasty Chorella due to our unique cultivation process which is very suitable as a food supplement. The algae that we use specifically for food supplements are processed into both powder and tablet forms. We use the fresh algae mainly as a functional ingredient. Irrespective of the product you apply it to as a producer, our Chlorella microalgae contribute towards a balanced meal.

Nutritional value of Duplaco’s Chlorella

Duplaco’s Chlorella microalgae have a high protein content and contain all the essential amino acids. They are therefore excellent as a food supplement. Moreover, they contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibres and natural colourants. Our Chlorella microalgae contain no allergens, heavy metals or contaminant.

Product information on Chlorella as a food supplement

We cultivate three varieties of microalgae at Duplaco which can be used as a food supplement. The nutritional profile and the product information are summarised in our fact sheets. You can ask for them by sending an email.


as a powder


as a tablet

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