Spier herstel – de groene os

Spier herstel – de groene os

The “Spier Herstel [Hond & Kat]” product by De Groene Os contains Duplaco algae powder.

Spier Herstel Hond & Kat

De Groene Os on the ingredient algae powder:

Algae powder is rich in amino acids and antioxidants. Sufficient protein must be supplied to muscles in order to allow them to repair. Muscle mass increases through training and promoting repair. Antioxidants help to clean up waste substances in the muscles.”


For supple muscles during physical stress or rehabilitation. Supports muscle formation in conjunction with a good movement pattern.


Spier Herstel is a unique combination of a mixture of different species of algae, herbs and nutrients. It provides a boost of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the herbs promote good health.


Damage to muscles occurs when movement is considerable (such as during training sessions or play). This can result in muscle stiffness. When the muscle fibres are repaired, the muscles become stronger and muscle mass increases. Various nutrients are needed for repair. Enough amino acids enhance muscle fibre repair. The body uses vitamin C to make collagen which is present in tendons, muscles and joints.


Because Spier Herstel contains vitamins C and E, it helps to drain waste substances from muscles and promote repair. In this way muscle stiffness in animals is alleviated and their movements are smooth.

Spier Herstel is an energizing product and very appropriate for administering to older cats and dogs. Users have observed that their animals move with less effort and have more energy.

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