We grow Dutch microalgae
to revitalize people & planet

Duplaco, based in the Netherlands, reinvented farming to grow clean and rich Chlorella microalgae in a 100% closed system, without disturbing nature. These microalgae are packed with protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Big impact, tiny footprint.

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Sustainable powerfood for a healthy future

Duplaco believes we should farm without disturbing nature, meaning;

  • minimise land use
  • minimise water usage
  • minimise energy consumption
  • local production

in order to provide healthy food ingredients and food supplements, thé sustainable way.

This is how we can empower your business

Packed with nutrients, customised to your needs

100% clean, cultivated
in a closed system

Revitalizing for people & planet

Made in Holland,
sustainably grown

– 100% –
non GMO

Algae farming reinvented

We created optimal circumstances to grow rich and clean microalgae in a 100% closed system. This unique method uses only a small amount of resources to grow a large amount of powerful microalgae. Packed with essential nutrients & antioxidants, free from dioxins, heavy metals & PAH’s. The nutrient profile can be customised to your needs.

The right solution
for your company

Unicellular algae such as Chlorella are among the oldest forms of plant life on Earth. They are tiny plants with no roots, leaves or stems. They have inhabited our earth for about 2.5 billion years. In 1890 the Dutchman Beijerinck discovered the 2 billion years old one cell microalgae Chlorella. In 2015 Duplaco discovered a unique methodology to cultivate 100% clean Chlorella in a closed system. We have now ensured that these unicellular algae can be grown locally, in the Netherlands, and on a large scale of an annual 200-300 tons with the possibility to expand to 1500 tons, independent from weather or climate conditions.

Fresh algae, powder, or tablets. Together we can decide what best suits your needs.


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Fresh Chlorella

With 10% or 20% dry matter

Chlorella powder

Packed with protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Chlorella tablets

100% pure Chlorella tablets

Duplaco®️ Gold

Chlorella powder with a natural golden colour, extra iron and vitamin B12

Under development

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Download our Dutch Chlorella promo

Download our Dutch Chlorella promo

Download and learn more about how we can provide you with a reliable, cost-effective supply of stable, clean, high quality, Chlorella, cultivated in Holland. Details about our Vitafoods promo are included. Download promo

Meet us at the Vitafoods at stand H70G

Meet us at the Vitafoods at stand H70G

Duplaco has successfully multiplied her cultivation capacity from an annual 15 tons to an annual 200-300 tons with the possibility to expand to 1500 tons. Duplaco herewith aims to help revitalize people and planet, offering a reliable, European supply and...