Future outlook for Chlorella super food in 2060

A group of 4 students from Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) have created a promising future outlook for the use of Chlorella in food applications in the year 2060. Looking at the result, the outlined future is closer than we think.

Chlorella project Futurella

This outlook was made by Jafar Fernald, Lena Opheij, Katrien van Riet, and Wouter Stevens and guided by their coach Bahareh Barati. They are four master students of the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. For this project called ‘Futurella’ they have created three deliverables: a pictorial, trend report, and cookbook. “Their Industrial Design master project challenged them to rethink cooking and implement promising ingredients such as algae.”

Trend report & Cookbook

The purpose of the trend report is to show possible developments in the food industry from a future perspective, and more specific the use of Chlorella as a good source of protein, antioxidants, dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals. In the cookbook the students have created some very nice algae-based cooking examples for future Chlorella food in 2060. Outcomes were like jellies, pasta, snacks etc. but also a chocolate mouse and a promising protein muesli bar.

Designing the Chlorella protein bar of the future

In this project the four students applied a material driven design approach to find a new food application for Chlorella powder. Background: “Climate change is putting increased pressure on the food industry to find more efficient and sustainable food sources as farmland becomes more scarce. Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is an algae that can be grown with significantly fewer resources and its high protein content makes it an excellent contender in the shift to more sustainable food sources. In its current powder form, however, Chlorella is unappealing to consumers. “

Futurella chlorella protein muesli bar recipe and super food 2060

The result of Futurella is a 3D printed protein muesli bar of the future which derives the majority of its protein from Chlorella. “Through its strong design language of the deep green paste and futuristic printed shape, Futurella signals to many consumers a more appetising application of Chlorella.” Download this and other interesting recipe ideas in the Futurella cookbook via the link below.