New! FAQ at Duplaco website

In the FAQ on the Duplaco website, you can now find all answers to any questions about Chlorella and Duplaco you ever thought of. Would you like to know the difference between macroalgae and microalgae? Or why Duplaco chose to cultivate Chlorella Pyrenoidosa specifically? Then visit our new FAQ page!

Although Chlorella algae are known and used for centuries, they are still unfamiliar to many people. That is why we have created the FAQ section at the Duplaco website. The aim is to solve many remaining questions about Chlorella algae themselves, why Duplaco is cultivating Chlorella and also how this process is working.

Enjoy reading! https://duplaco.com/faq/

For more information and background about algae, you can also visit the website of the European Algae Biomass Association.