Microalgae, now in the spotlight of Vitafoods Insights

A new podcast of Vitafoods Insights shows how Chlorella microalgae farming can help tackle climate change and contribute to the 3 pillars of sustainability—people, planet, and profit.

Microalgae farming

Vitafood Insights has invited Marieke Smidt – commercial director at Duplaco B.V. – to talk about revitalizing sustainability practices with Chlorella microalgae farming. As concern for climate change is growing, agriculture stakeholders are exploring new sustainable solutions for farming practices. This podcast is part of the Sustainability Series at Vitafoods Insights.

Vitafoods podcast content

  1. Duplaco’s mission and the key problems being addressed by vertical farming
  2. What the production process of microalgae looks like and the technologies involved
  3. The benefits of microalgae farming in enclosed environments to improve sustainability and climate health within food production
  4. How microalgae can be implemented into different nutraceutical products—which delivery formats should brand owners consider and the benefits for the end consumer as well
  5. Insights into the next 5 to 10 years for the microalgae industry
revitalizing sustainability practices with chlorella microalage farming
Vitafoods Insights podcast

🎧You can listen to the full episode on the Vitafoods website as well as on your go to podcast app – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and many more!