Duplaco®️ Chlorella is non-GMO

In Europe, consumption of Chlorella algae products is becoming more and more familiar. The number of sustainable applications is increasing, new algae species are being discovered and algae with special characteristics are being cultured. Specific algae have a history of safe consumption and substantial potential to contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. Duplaco®️ Chlorella pyrenoidosa (sorokiniana) is an example of such algae, which is listed in the Novel Food Catalogue as not being a novel food.

What is non-GMO?

GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. “Non-GMO” means non-genetically modified organisms.

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GMO Statement Duplaco®️

At Duplaco®️ we can confirm that our algae Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is manufactured by conventional processes and does not contain GM organisms. This applies to both the classic green Chlorella and Duplaco®️ Gold. It does not fall under the scope of Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 or under the scope of Regulation (EC) 1830/2003. The active substance in the above-named product does not require labeling as a GMO as defined in the regulations mentioned above, either as a food or feed ingredient in its own right or when incorporated into intermediate or final products.