Chlorella as a functional ingredient

Duplaco microalgae: Chlorella as a functional ingredient

Duplaco cultivates Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae. The Chlorella microalgae which we cultivate in our own factory can be used, among other things, as a functional ingredient. Algae are very good supplements for heathy food products. We all find it very normal to eat spinach, but not algae. Even though they are real power foods!? Did you know that Chlorella contains over 40 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids?

Chlorella as a functional ingredient

We can supply fresh, tasty Chorella due to our unique cultivation process which is very suitable for the food industry. Our powdered microalgae have as a delicious, mild flavour. Our Chlorella is, among other things suitable for processing in such products as smoothies, algae burgers or pasta, but can also be consumed in its natural form or served as a condiment. Both the fresh and the powdered algae can be applied as a functional ingredient. Irrespective of the product you apply it to as a producer, our Chlorella microalgae will contribute towards a balanced meal.

Nutritional value of Duplaco’s Chlorella

Duplaco’s Chlorella microalgae have a high protein content and contain all the essential amino acids. Therefore, they fit perfectly within a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, they contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibres. The Duplaco microalgae are really suitable for food products because of the high nutritional values. Moreover, our Duplaco microalgae do not contain any allergens, heavy metals or contaminants; they contain natural colourants and are very digestible. In short, a very healthy supplement to the daily diet.

Product information on Chlorella as a functional ingredient

We produce three forms of the microalgae at Duplaco which can be used as functional ingredients. The nutritional profile and the product information are summarised in our fact sheets. You can ask for them by sending an email.

In addition to our own Chlorella microalgae, we also supply high quality oils and Spirulina as well as high quality naturally coloured microalgae, including green, blue, red and yellow.

Fresh chlorella

10% dry matter

Fresh chlorella

20% dry matter


as a powder

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