“Tasty microalgae, at last”, says Greg Exposito, product developer at Hoogesteger.

From the very first moment Greg tasted the Duplaco microalgae, he knew he had found what he was looking for. He had been developing algae-containing products for years without success, because the microalgae he had experimented with in the past had such a strong flavour that even a small amount gave the end product a taste that was too strong.

The development of products with Duplaco’s microalgae as ingredient began immediately and very quickly resulted in an end product which is already being sold – Paleo “health shots”, which are now enriched with our fresh Chlorella, as well as ginger and other ingredients.


“I had tried many types of Chlorella already, but none as tasty as Duplaco’s. I’m not exaggerating: I made my first algae product in 1998. In order to camouflage the taste, I used large quantities of sweeteners, but I don’t have to do that now with these algae. This drink contains at least 10% algae. The algae taste deliciously fresh!”

Greg Exposito Bink

  • Technical product developer


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