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Duplaco’s unique microalgae production process

At Duplaco, we cultivate Chlorella microalgae for functional ingredients and food supplements in a heterotrophic manner. Heterotrophic means cultivating on the basis of sugar. We work more efficiently and more sustainably on cultivating microalgae in this manner. Its advantages:

  • The ‘bad sugars’ are converted into good proteins which enables us to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • The cultivation process is completely sterile thereby ensuring a high quality product. Our microalgae are free of bacteria, heavy metals, dioxins and PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).
  • Our productivity is high: a lot of algae, low energy costs and a small area.
  • We have better control of and influence on the process so that we always provide the same microalgae in terms of composition.

Duplaco’s microalgae cultivation process

Our cultivation process has six phases. A short explanation of this process is described below. You are always welcome to come and witness this process in our factory.

step 1

We start by killing-off the bacteria in the unicellular Chlorella microalgae. We separate the unicellular microalgae from the bacteria. This is known as an axenic proces. On doing so, we ensure optimal conditions at the outset of the cultivation process.

step 2

The bacteria free microalgae are transferred to the stock tanks. We prepare an inoculum for the total cultivation process over a period of two weeks. The microalgae require nutrients such as nitrogen, carbon, phosphate, sugars and trace elements for this growing process.

step 3

The microalgae are first transferred to the 15 litre and then to the 650 litre fermenters. The microalgae multiply and absorb nutrients independently. This process is fully automatic and lasts approximately 24 hours.

step 4

Are the microalgae mature? If so, we transfer them to a cooling tank where they are kept until they are delivered to the client. The microalgae consist of 10% dry matter. If you prefer a batch of 20% dry matter, we transfer the microalgae to cooling tank two via a centrifuge. Hence you can choose either of the two versions of fresh algae: >10% and >20%. Our microalgae are low in sugar, full of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibres. We can supply 8,000 – 10,000 litres of fresh microalgae per month.

step 5

Finally, we can add the last step to the production process: converting fresh microalgae to powder. We can convert 10,000 litres of fresh algae to 800 – 1,000 kg of powder in one month by adding hot air in the spray dryer. We pack the powder in 10kg bags. We can also supply them as tablets.

Development of Chlorella in our own R&D Center

We develop our Chlorella microalgae in our own Research & Development Center. We apply various techniques in our R&D Center to optimise the quality of our Duplaco microalgae as much as possible:

  1. Metabolic engineering
  2. Strain selection
  3. Bio accumulation

We also test our new varieties of Duplaco microalgae continuously. Think, for example, of extracting pigments, nutrients and anti-oxidants. Thus our deliveries can be customised more for manufacturers of food and feed products. Would you like to apply our microalgae to (new) products? We would be happy to work together with you on a development process.

Add our Algae

A simpler and more sustainable production process for you

You can also simplify your own production process by opting for our microalgae. Think of the production of, for example, (vegetarian) burgers which require water during the process. Our algae contain water, so you can simplify your own process and organise it more sustainably. We would be happy to discuss how we can achieve this with you. Our strength lies in unique solutions for the application and the production of your own microalgae.

Would you like to be introduced to an optimal end product?

We would like to contribute, together with you, to healthy human and animal nutrition. Would you like to know what we can do for you? We would be happy to provide our expertise. We can visit you, without out any obligations, to talk about investing in a sustainable development process. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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