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About Duplaco

Duplaco, unique Chlorella microalgae for the world

Demand for healthy food is increasing. It contributes, after all, to a healthy lifestyle and can help prevent illnesses. This demand for high quality food is becoming a global phenomenon. This will be especially true in the foreseeable future as a result of food shortages because of the tremendous growth in population. Duplaco, as a producer of unique microalgae makes an effort to develop healthy solutions. We contribute towards healthy food and feed for humans and animals by cultivating algae in an excellent, innovative and creative manner. Our algae are fresh, flavoursome and are cultivated with a hint of Dutch matter-of-factness.

Heterotrophically cultivated microalgae

Duplaco is a Dutch producer of heterotrophically cultured Chlorella microalgae. These Chlorella microalgae have a unique flavour and are high quality. This high quality is always guaranteed because we cultivate in a heterotrophic manner. Thus, the conditions are always optimal and do not depend on outside influences. We provide fresh algae and algae in powder form, as a functional, immediately usable ingredient for your product. In addition, we produce powder and tablet forms of the algae which can be used as a supplement.

add our algae!

Would you like to apply our microalgae in (new) products? We are looking forward to working with you. We can plan the development process together. We can give you good advice about the required nutritional values per target group, the applications of Chlorella and the ideal composition for your formula. We call this “Add our algae”! We also consider your specific requirements. We then start working on achieving the most optimal product. On doing so you can always rest assured that the microalgae:

  • are unique and flavoursome;
  • are highly nutritious in addition to the guaranteed values;
  • are produced in The Netherlands.

Extensive knowledge about microalgae

Duplaco develops the Chlorella microalgae in its own factory. Our researchers are highly educated specialists who have extensive knowledge about algae and the cultivation process. Thus we are certain that the microalgae are high quality. Our factory also has a Research & Development Center, where we continuously test and develop new versions. We do this using three different techniques:

  1. Metabolic engineering
  2. Strain selection
  3. Bio accumulation

We cultivate microalgae in a heterotrophic manner. We do this because we feel it is important to contribute towards the development and cultivation of microalgae in a sustainable manner.

Would you like to be introduced to an optimal end product?

We would like to contribute, together with you, to healthy human and animal nutrition. Would you like to know what we can do for you? We would be happy to provide our expertise. We can visit you, without out any obligations, to talk about investing in a sustainable development process. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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