Duplaco is committed to developing healthy solutions. We contribute towards healthy food and feed for humans and animals by cultivating algae in an excellent, innovative and creative manner. Add our algae!

Duplaco, unique Chlorella microalgae for the world

Duplaco is a Dutch producer of heterotrophically cultured Chlorella microalgae. These microalgae have a unique taste and are high quality. We produce fresh microalgae and algae in powder or tablet form. In addition, we can customise our Duplaco microalgae to your wishes.

Chlorella as a functional ingredient or supplement

The Duplaco Chlorella microalgae have a high protein content and are therefore very suitable for a healthy lifestyle for humans as well as for animals. Moreover, they contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 or -6) and dietary fibres. But, above all, Duplaco microalgae taste good. Hence it is perfect as a tasty application for a meal. We offer our Chlorella microalgae as a functional ingredient for food supplements.

Our chlorella algae is being used in the following branches:



meat substitutes

international kitchen

Duplaco’s added value

High quality

Our production is fully sterile so we offer the highest quality. The algae are free of bac-teria, metals, dioxins and PAHs.


Thanks to the hetero-trophic method of farming, we produce a lot of algae over a small area with a low energy load.

Tasty and fresh

Our algae are mild flavoured and fresh, and therefore very well suited to the foodstuffs industry!


Our algae are healthy! Did you know for instance that Chlorella contains 40 different kinds of vitamins, minerals and amino acids?

100% Dutch

Using a pinch of Dutch common sense, we produce the microalgae in our own factory in Oldenzaal.

The development process of our Duplaco algae

There are six stages to our production process. You will find a brief explanation of the process below. Of course, you are always welcome to visit the plant and witness the process yourself.

step 1

We remove bacteria from the microalgae.

step 2

We cultivate enough algae in the stock tanks for the production process.

step 3

The first stock algae divide into a mass of algae in the fermenter.

step 4

The microalgae are moved to the cooling tank. Here, we are able to create an extra variety by centrifugation.

step 5

We convert the algae to powder in the spray dryer.

step 6

We make tablets from the powder.

What form of Chlorella microalgae do we produce?

Duplaco cultivates the microalgae in its own factory. By controlling things ourselves we are sure that the composition of the microalgae is high quality. We offer fresh Chlorella microalgae which consist of >10% and >20% dry matter. We produce fresh microalgae and algae as powder or as a tablet. Would you like to apply our microalgae in your (new) products? In that case we can develop a production plan together. You can make a request for the fact sheets of our products below.

Fresh chlorella

10% dry matter

Fresh chlorella

20% dry matter


as a powder


as a tablet

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